The idea

The idea behind TuscanWings first came about a few years ago, and was conceptualized and founded by Francesco Illuminati, the owner and pilot. Francesco is also the owner of the Foresteria il Giardino di Fontarronco (, a fantastic agriturismo/farm-house hotel in Tuscany.

A few years a group of Canadian pilots stayed at the Foresteria, and quickly bonded with Francesco, as they all shared the passion and hobby of flying. The pilots asked Francesco if they could do a flight to see Tuscany. Once onboard, the group of three decided they wanted to see the most famous sites in Tuscany – Cortona, Siena, Montepulciano, and Montalcino. However this was no ordinary tourist visit; this was an unprecedented visit to these famous sites … from the air!

From this first tourist flight, TuscanWings was born. Trips with TuscanWings combine the rush of flying with the beauty of Tuscany's landscape – a combination that is both breathtaking and invigorating.

Francesco is still the sole pilot, and will guide you personally on your trip over Tuscany, explaining the historical and modern significances of the sites seen from above.


Piper PA 28 Archer II
Brand: I-PJNO
Motors: Lycoming 180 hp
Propeller: Sensenich 2 Blade Fixed pitch
Cruising speed TAS: 120 knots
Hourly consumption: 37 liters/hour